Travel to Taiwan – 2

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I’m glad you’re back to read the part 2 of my Travel to Taiwan blog.

Taiwan might be an island, but there are a plethora of tourist spots to explore.

I just couldn’t resist from sharing all of my experiences about Taiwan that I had to create a part 2 of it! 🙂

So here goes another list of other beautiful places that Taiwan encompasses.

Yehliu Geopark

Yehliu Geopark is located in the northern coast of Taiwan.

This place is an epitome of the artworks of nature which can be seen in the form of rocks eroded by the sea.

Northern sea coast at the Yeliu geopark.

It has a lot of rocks that look like mushrooms and so are called “mushroom rocks”.

Other famous eroded rocks are “Queen’s head” and “fairy’s shoe” which are absolutely stunning!

Queen’s head.

Mushroom rocks of Yehliu.

Pictures do not do justice to the beauty of this place. One has to experience it in person.

This place is extremely breezy too.

Queen’ head II is a sculpture that was made in imitation to the original Queen’s head that was formed naturally. This was done because the original formation is delicate and deteriorating.

Description about Queen’s head 2.

Queen’s head 2

Kenting beach and night market

At the southern end of Taiwan is a wonderful place which is like a party town at night – Kenting.

Kenting has a crystal clear beach and a night market just few minutes away from the beach.

View of Kenting beach.

Crystal clear waters of Kenting beach.

The best part is that, at the time we visited there were only a handful of people there – something I’ve witnessed for the first time.

It was pretty hot. But who cares when they are at the beach, huh?

It was just the sun, sand, sea and us!

Souvenirs from the sea!

After spending a good amount of time at the beach, we went for lunch and then got some rest.

At dusk, we headed out to the night market at Kenting.

This place was the most liveliest.

Fun games, good food, many shops, lit-up streets and a lot of people.

Kenting night market.

Xiaoyoukeng Volcano on Mt. Qixing

In Taipei, on a beautiful green mountain named Qixing is a dormant volcano.

Currently this Xiaoyoukeng Volcano emits Hydrogen Sulphide gas which gets stronger as you go towards it. Mesmerized by the beauty of that place from afar, we did not see that coming! Trust me, i could not get too close to that place because it seems like rotten eggs!

Xiaoyoukeng Volcano.

As we walked towards the volcano, we could see fumaroles with boiling liquid in them. Yes, they were literally boiling!

Hydrogen Sulphide gas emerging out of the volcano.

Boiling fumaroles.

Keeping aside the pungent smell of the hydrogen suphide gas, the place was breezy, very cold and beautiful.

Food and travelling in Taiwan

Apart form being able to visit a number of beautiful tourist spots in Taiwan, we were able to get a good taste of Chinese cuisine.

From mussels to squids and from seaweed to the famous pineapple cakes of Taiwan, we had them all. Well.. Almost all!

They enjoy frogs and snakes on special occasions. It’s not that they eat them everyday as i thought (some of you might have thought as well), these are expensive and are eaten once in a while. And not to forget the experience we had in one of these restaurants(nope, i didn’t eat them). The snakes are made into soup or just dried and powdered which they say is really good for health.

Travelling in Taiwan is easy by Taxi. A standard form of transport throughout the place.

Taxis in Taiwan.

The roads are well maintained with minimal or no traffic at all. It felt so good travelling without any trace of traffic! Like zebra crossing, they have a path for cycles too!

We(my brother and I) thoroughly enjoyed a week in Taiwan along with my uncle who lives there(yes, he learnt Chinese!).

Well maintained roads.

Taiwan, located in the pacific rim, is not as well known as any other place is. But the experience it offered was amazing!

The people were very kind and welcoming. I’d love to go back to Taiwan sometime again! 🙂

Thank you for reading through my lenghty blogs! I hope i took you around Taiwan throught the description and pictures! 🙂

See you all soon with another blog about another nice place! 🙂

Until then, stay happy, travel when you can and keep rocking :), because life is short and places to see are many! 😉

Note: All the pictures in this blog were clicked by me.

Travel to Taiwan

Travelling to Taiwan was my first ever international trip. 😊

Being a lover of airplanes, it wasn’t just the excitement about visiting an island country, I was excited to be catching 2 planes, to reach the destination.

During the flight journey to Taiwan.

About Taiwan

Taiwan is the republic of China. It’s an island next to China.

The culture, architecture, beautiful mountains and the ocean surrounding it, the kind people there, all of this and more, makes this place a must visit atleast once in your lifetime.
Taiwan has an area of 35,808 square kilometres. It seems more like a big country than an island.

Taipei is the capital city of Taiwan.

Language spoken: Mostly Mandarin Chinese.

Currency: New Taiwan Dollar(NTD).

Why i love Taiwan

The distance between some of the busiest places and the mountains and beaches could be just about 2 hours.

You might be in Taipei right now, catch a bullet train and another hour by car and boom…… You’re in a city that feels like goa, Kenting.

I was really happy to travel from the southern to the northern tip in just 5 days.

Though we might not have visited each and every tourist location, i got to experience what their city-side and their nature site feels like.

Kenting night market.

Places to visit in Taiwan

We had been to a lot of places in a span of 5 days, trying to visit as many places as possible.

Taipei 101 observatory:

Taipei 101 Observatory.
View of Taipei from the 89th floor.

This is one of the most famous skyscrapers in the world. Having 101 floors, it also has the second fastest elevator in the world, traveling at 60.6 km/h and transporting passengers from the 5th to 89th floor in 37 seconds!!

Once we reached the 89th floor, our ears were kind of blocked. The kind of experience you have during a flight journey.

Before Burj Khalifa(Dubai) was built, Taipei 101 observatory(Taiwan) was classified as the tallest skyscrapper in the world. How cool is that!

Another cool fact about this tower is that, it is designed in such a way that, it can withstand the Pacific Rim’s earthquakes and the regions tropical storms.

The tower has offices, restaurants and has a multi-level shopping mall.

Super big winder damper – designed to help the tower withstand earthquakes and storms.

The National Chiang Kai-shek memorial hall

Chiang Kai-Shek, former President of the Republic of China.

Chiang Kai-Shek Memorial hall is a famous monument in Zhongzheng District in Taipei. Chiang Kai-Shek is the former President of the Republic of China.

There are two pairs of stairs with 89 steps each, that have to be climbed in order to enter the hall.

Wondering why 89? Because that was his age when he died.

This place also has a national theatre and a concert hall that has details about Chiang Kai-Shek and the history and development of Taiwan. You’ll enter this place through a big, beautiful structure called the Liberty gate.

The statue is always guarded by security guards. ALWAYS!!

National theatre.
To the left is the Liberty square main gate.

Yin yang sea

Yin yang sea.

The Yin yang sea is located in the Ruifang district.

If you drive up the Keelung mountain, you’ll be able to see that it has 2 colors: Golden brown and bluish green. This is why it is named Yin Yang, which is a concept of duality in Chinese philosophy.

Beautiful structure at the Yin Yang sea formed due to the erosion of limestone.

Keelung mountain is an extinct volcano that is to the right of the Yin Yang sea, as you go towards the northern tip of Taiwan.

This is the most beautiful and my most favourite part of Taiwan. What can be better than having the sea to the left and a green mountain to the right, as you drive down the road.

View of Keelung mountain.

In Jiufen, there is an old Japanese gold mine museum.

The equipments that were used those days have been preserved very well and is now a museum.

Japanese gold mine museum.
View of the museum from the mountain.

These are few of the many places we visited in Taiwan.

Stay tuned.. as i will be writing a Taiwan- part 2 blog where i describe about a clear water beach, visiting a nearby island and so on.

Thank you for reading through my first blog so very patiently. I know it’s a little long, but couldn’t contain my excitement while writing my first travel blog post. 😁

Do let me know if you liked this post and also on what i can improve. I love photography and i believe that pictures speak more than paragraphs, hence I’ve put in so many pictures.

Thank you! 😊

Note: All the pictures in this blog were clicked by me.